What’s next for Solavei?

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Top leaders unite in Bellevue, Washington this past week.  Everyone is excited and ready to get the ball rolling on the next big purple adventure! Staci Wallace said, “Solavei has re-positioned itself to be UNSTOPPABLE in this next season”  On Thursday July 24, 2014 Solavei will share with us the news about what is coming next!
If you missed the call,  here is the replay info:
Dial: (559) 726-1299
Access Code: 218062#

From the looks of the picture below, photo credit unknown, Solavei may have a new car incentive program for members who want to build an amazing team!  I don’t know the details, but this certainly has me super curious.   When you join Solavei, there is no membership, no activation, no inventory, no overhead.  It is as simple as switching your mobile service provider.  That is what I did.  I had Sprint.  Now I have Solavei.  The thought of being rewarded with a fancy car because I share Solavei with others is completely MIND BLOWING!

I’ll update this page tomorrow after the announcement.   The anticipation is just too much!  😀

Update:  Here is the meat

We need something for business builders.  People who want to build and to make money want to be rewarded!  The company is hearing us and the tools we need to build and help others build networks is here.

Focus:  Help build teams ~ win win ~ Ryan wants us to know, we have a new compensation, they understand that it is not the mass market driving Solavei, it is the people like us that take the brand where it needs to be.  The company is ready to put the incentives in the hands of the business builders.     “New Day for Solavei” Staci Wallace

This is the company that other companies will be looking into!

Solavei will be opening up the gateway for business builders!

Expect new innovations and new back office.  ~  Solavei is not a mobile company, we are a technology and innovative company.  New compensation plan is just a piece of the overall pie.  🙂

There is a reason why we are all excited.  This is the place to be.  Don’t let someone distract you!  One thing that is being put into place, Solavei will be having events and we are going to be recognizing people.  It will be a recognition program we will all be proud of.



It’s Happening! Tour—New events announced

Solavei CEO Ryan Wuerch will be touring the United States to speak directly with members. Learn about the future of Solavei, hear member stories and more!

Mark your calendars for an event near you: 
August 19: Dallas —Register today!
August 20: Kansas City —Register today!
August 21: Tulsa —Register today!
August 22: Austin —Register today!
August 28: Los Angeles —Registration coming soon
September 2: Phoenix—New! Registration coming soon
September 11: New Jersey—New! Registration coming soon

More cities coming soon!

Check out itshappening.solavei.com for all upcoming events and registrations.


solavei_payPosition yourself by August 17th as social sharer or above to have a distinct advantage when new comp plan rolls out on Aug 18th.

Do everything you can right now to get there!  What is a social sharer?  check out this picture above, click to enlarge.

This is the current comp plan, which will change on August 18th, look at the number of people you need for Social Sharer.

If you missed the call,  here is the replay info:
Dial: (559) 726-1299
Access Code: 218062#

I have had an opportunity to meet the CEO and Founder of Solavei, Ryan Wuerch and his incredibly sweet mom, Donna.  Donna is actually in my network!  I am also blessed that I have met many of the wonderful leaders below.   They are all passionate! All inspiring!  All In with Solavei.


Thank you for stopping by!  Enjoy your day today and everyday! <3



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