New Solavei Bling!

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Am I the only adult that loves to string beads?  It was early this morning and I was still enjoying a cup of fresh brewed coffee.  Mariella wanted to get the “bead box” out of the closet.  So I did, this is a big deal for her!  I don’t typically let them get to the bead box, because… well it is a box full of organized beads!  lol  But, she had her own container with a pound of glitter pony beads that came in yesterday, and she picked out some star beads from my fancy box.  😀  She was very happy with that!

Joshua was sleeping in…  he does that occasionally.  The girls and I spent some girly time together, chatting, giggling, and picking out beads.    Another perfect morning!

Do you see my bead box below?  It is actually a tackle box I bought from the Dicks Sporting Goods a while back.  Julinna didn’t make me nervous at all with that open container of beads on top her head.  Mariella was really enjoying her time and she has a lot of patience when it comes to this kind of stuff!

angel-4 - Copy


You can see above I am lining up my beads to make me a Solavei necklace!  Julianna knocked them on the floor 3 times.  No, I am not kidding!  lol Each time she said “it’s ok mom” and each time we got on the floor together to gather up the beads.



Mariella and I with our finished necklaces!   She is always completely adorable!

angel-3 - Copy    solavei_angel



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