My sleeping princess

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My baby, Julianna, was the best sleeper!  She went to bed after story time and we didn’t see or hear from her till morning.  My husband and I bragged to my sister and mother about what an incredible sleeper she was.  A couple days later, we can’t get her into her bed!  She is in and out, she wants “one more” song or story and she will not rest in her room.  It is too hot, too cold, too comfortable, too windy, too many bugs, etc.  She must have had a bad dream or something.   Last night she went to bed just fine but at 10pm she got up and came in my room.  I brought her back to her room, resetting her with a song, kiss goodnight etc.  She wasn’t crying or appeared to be upset in anyway.  We did that 6 times and on the 7th time, I finally let her crawl into bed with her daddy.

and she went to sleep right away…   look how precious she is.  My  princess!  <3 <3




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