My kids are watching! Your kids are too!

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A sweet example that kids imitate  their parents. My kids are watching me. Listening to me. Learning from me. Imitating me. They do what I do. They say what I say. They behave like I behave.

For the past few days, I have been really trying to squeeze in some reading time.  I have so many wonderful books! I decided to start reading The Blessed Life, by Robert Morris and combine it with a weekly Sunday  podcast, The Blessed Life, presented by Staci Wallace.

Look at the lovely stack of books that I have!  Ready to go.  Ready for me to read.  😀   I took this pic several hours before I saw the facebook post from Staci about The Blessed Life weekly podcast.


So, I picked The Blessed Life!   I grabbed my two pair of glasses.  Determined and happy I made a decision to start reading one of my books!  I woke up at 6 am, grabbed a cup of java and started reading.  I teared up a lot in the first chapter.  It is interesting to feel emotions from reading.  I’m not a big reader because it takes me so long to read.  Often I read out loud to help me get through the pages.  Often I forget I’m reading and I reread the same paragraph several times over. However, I finished this first chapter like a champ!  In fact writing about it now just confirmed that 6am is the absolutely best time for me to read. 😀


OK, back to why I wanted to share this story in the first place.  My kids are watching me!  This evening after Julianna took her bath and was all comfy and warm… she found a pair of reading glasses in my desk drawer, put them on , jumped up in the spot where I have been trying to read chapter 2 in my book for the past two days, grabbed a book from my favorite stack and proceeded to read. She picked the glasses, the chair, the book, the everything!

I went and sat in front of her…  to hear her read her book.  She reads out loud too! She was telling a story about Goldilocks and the three bears. I used my husbands phone that was on the night stand to take a pic.  I did it fast, I didn’t want to interrupt her…  I just wanted to capture the moment.  So she read to me until Mariella started screaming in the bathtub that she needed me.  lol such is the life of a super mom of 3!

Meet Julianna, my baby of three.  She is Unstoppable!

Julianna is my baby...  she is so bright, loving and completely unstoppable!

Julianna is my baby… she is so bright, loving and completely unstoppable!

The end result? I’m glad I am a good natured optimistic explorer!  I’m a decent mom, a patient mom, and a genuinely happy person.   I waited my whole life to be where I am right now.  The days ahead will most certainly be the best days of my life!

Thank you for reading,
enjoy your day today and everyday!



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  1. Oh my goodness! I am just seeing this post this morning and I have to say that it has lit up my heart in a way that you can’t imagine. Angelina, you are doing an amazing job of raising leaders worth following by BEING the leader God created YOU to be. Readers become leaders, especially when the content of what they read is driving the values of what matters MOST in life. Congratulations to you! I fully agree that your BEST days are starting NOW!

    Staci Wallace

    April 8, 2016

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