Leadership Summit 2015 ~ Allaso Ranch Texas

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The 2015 Unstoppable Leadership Summit at Allaso Ranch in Hawkins Texas.

This event was ….


Amazing on so many levels.  When I went away for the weekend. I spent time with some of the most amazing and wonderful people I have ever come across in my lifetime so far. Really. As I take time to reflect, I feel so blessed and I am so thankful that I decided to make myself a priority and attend this life changing event. Now to put things into perspective and take some action, simple things to big things.

My husband and I chatted about the event, he was surprised that I had such a great time while stepping out of my comfort zone.   I have to admit, I had a few negative feelings prior to the event.  I had these feelings of not being worthy to attend.  I felt I was not successful enough.  Not fit enough.   I am not exactly sure how these feelings were being manifested… probably from fear or anxiety.  However, I walked through the doors at Allaso Ranch and headed towards the table to sign in and get my name tag.  At that very moment, just seconds after I entered with my friends Barbara and Randy, Ricardo Gloria said “selfie time!”   and we all smiled in excitement and it was perfect time for a Leadership Selfie! It snapped me into the present.  I remembered why I made the decision to attend in the first place.  To grow, to expand my horizons, to change, to learn, to connect with other amazing leaders that are all a very important ingredient in my life recipe.   I felt connected and committed to the weekend ahead of me.   Below is the pic that Ricardo snapped!


It was an emotional weekend, that Saturday marked the 3 month passing of my mom.  I though about her a lot.  I knew she was with me flying high as I zipped along the zip line and I know she was cheering me on!  Simple things like blessing our food, taking notes, hugging a friend, made me teary eyed.  There was so much support.  So many nuggets from our speakers.  So many moments where a prayer or dance touched my heart.

I witnessed moments that define people. Moments where you see the love, feel the support, witness the magnitude of greatness and enjoyed those moments when heaven touch earth.  In one of those moments, I though to myself…  “I hope I made my mom cry…”   I mean that in a beautiful way…    As Staci sang one of her songs to us, Cinderella, I noticed Staci’s mom wipe away a few tears.  Donna is her name, and I know she is one proud mom.

It touched my heart when Patrice came over to hug me when we started lighting candles.   I feel my mom sent her to me, she prayed for me and I wept.   Soon after Ricardo and Claudia came over and they prayed for me and lit my candle, it was so emotional for me.  After Patrice, I was holding back a lot of tears. Then my friend and mentor Mike Rogers came to me, then Kristen and Marty Metz.   I’m so blessed to be in a circle of such amazing people.  Mom was always worried about who was going to pray for her children…  well mom, I have a circle of friends that believe in the power of prayer and we will not let you down!  I’m totally covered! <3

The entire weekend was epic.  I’m already registered for next year and I’m not going alone.

I have many moments from that weekend that I am holding onto…   maybe I’ll share more at a later date.  😀  Below are a few pictures from the event.



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