I have a weird crush… as in Weird Al Yankovic!

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I can’t stop watching his new videos!  My husband bought me the CD and I can’t stop smiling and laughing at these clever videos and lyrics!

Please enjoy these, they are so much fun!

“I can solve that with some duck tape and some caulking!”  LOL oh my goodness, I can’t get enough.. really..  <3  A parody of  Fancy


“I am protected cuz I made this hat!”  hahahha  this one is awesome too! A parody of Royals


“everybodyshutup!” #wordcrimes 😀  This one had me laughing out loud and the kids were laughing because I was laughing! Parady of Blurred Lines


For others, you can visit his channel here  and visit his website at Weird Al Yankovic.  I subscribed today I can’t wait for a new video Inactive, a parody ofRadioactive! lol that is going to be epic, I just know it!

Enjoy your day today and everyday!  😀

weird_al weird_al_1 weird_al_2 weird_al_3




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