Fun with melting plastic beads!

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This is the first time we melted beads!  Thanks to my sister, Faith for tagging me with this fun idea!  It was very easy and very fun. You can certainly be creative in this process.  A few beads, a bunch of beads, patterns, shapes, colors, the possibilities are endless!

There are a couple of things about this project that I didn’t care for.  This is a stinky project!  It smelled super toxic.  lol when we do this again, I’ll be using the bbq pit or a toaster oven outside.  Poooooo Weeeeeee! 😛    Also, when your works of art are cool and ready to remove from the pan/cookie cutter, be careful! There are some pretty picky and sharp edges here and there. Mariella said “ouch!” a couple times.

Get some pretty plastic beads!  We used glitter pony beads purchased from Amazon.
Turn on the oven! The oven was heated to 425 degrees and we baked the first batch for a good 20 minutes.  The second batch we kept in the oven for 35 minutes..  the designs were much thicker and I realized the longer we left the in there the smoother the ornament.
My husband drilled a hole in each ornament, and  Mariella and I used some ribbon and yarn to hand them.

and walah!

Thank you for visiting today!  I hope you get to try melting some plastic beads too!
Enjoy your day today and everyday!
Angelina Hope



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