Tuesday nights at The Magic Time Machine have been temporary  cancelled, due to a death in the family and rescheduling.  Check back later to see when we are starting up again!

Join us every Tuesday night at The Magic Time Machine to hear all about the Solavei Revolution. We gather at a spectacular location that is full in interesting beauty. Every nick and corner displays something cool to look at and enjoy.

Who: You are invited!
What: Solavei Social
When: Tuesday Evening at 7pm. (every Tuesday)
Where: The Magic Time Machine ~ 902 NE Loop 410 ~ San Antonio, Texas
Why: We are sharing a new technology that allows people to get FREE mobile service and even earn income by sharing others.

More info below the photo gallery.

What to expect?

We start at 7pm sharp. Be there early to pick a cool spot and order drinks and food. We have a private dining/party area. It is located downstairs and guest need to be able to walk down/up one flight of stairs. (13 steps)

As we eat, drink and be merry, we will have a short 20 minute presentation. Then the floor is open for questions, testimonies, troubleshooting, training, etc.

Expect a fun time! We are not selling anything, we are sharing how you can get mobile service for FREE every single month and even earn income too! We are at an amazing location, so come out for date night or a family night and have some fun with us at The Magic Time Machine!

Please let me know you are coming!
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Call/text me at 210.526.1318
Email me at
Comment below.

I am seriously thankful for the opportunity to share with you the ultimate pay it forward that pays you back. Please take an hour out of your week and join us. YOU have the potential to make life better for many.

I look forward to our friendship.
Angelina Hope