Do you want to build a snowman?

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We aren’t in Maryland anymore!  We are in San Antonio and there is no snow here, so we made our own!  I saw some pictures floating around on facebook about creating homemade snow for some sensory messy fun!  This was such a fun project, it was messy, hands on, creative and held our attention for hours!

What we did:
Poured two 16 ounce boxes of cornstarch into a container.
Squirted a can of shaving cream into the mix. I gave the kids each a spoon to mix it.
That was not a great idea.
I mixed it by hand and added some more shaving cream.
I made balls for the kids to stack and build snowman.
The kids added sticks, beads, felt and other things to the snowman.  The not so great thing is that, the balls cracked easy, although you could squish together and make a ball, you couldn’t really squish a piece of carrot into the ball without it’s face cracking.  So with some extra help from mom and dad, we finished their snowmen. Then started some new creations.

I went in to this project with building a snowman in mind… so I gave the kiddies supplies to decorate their snowman, but since they couldn’t decorate it without it cracking, the snowman idea didn’t work for us. However, playing with the snow, making magical forest for penguins and dinosaurs definitely worked for us! I used my Cricut Explore to cut some Christmas trees and Reindeer to add to the fun. 😀 The messy fun continued through out the entire day. We even left it on the table overnight so they could play in the morning. And to the kids surprise, Lucky and Lucy, our Elves on the shelfs, came home for Christmas and they got to play in the snow! It was sweet, they even left a note for the kids to remind them to help clean up the snow with mom. <3

I’ll be trying this handmade snow again, I want to try another recipe I saw floating around that used conditioner. Just so I can compare the squishability.



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