Dirty little problems…

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I have a dirty little problem.  Ok, that is a lie, I actually have 30 dirty little problems! What are they?

Kid fingers!

Kids have messy fingers. The evidence is abundant when you take a peek at our stainless steal icebox.  (icebox is a refrigerator, what do you call it?)  My husband and I have been detoxing our home and I’ve had questions…  like…  “Angel, does the cleaners really work?” and the proof is in the pudding, the photo below.  Can you tell what area I did not clean?  lol Gross I know, but this is my icebox, my real life before and after using a cleaner that has no chlorine, no ammonia, no harsh fumes and is better for me and my family.

Now look, so fresh and so clean!


Thank you so much for taking a peek at my grimy, smudgy, yucky stainless steal icebox.

Don’t judge me.  lol the struggle is real!  The grime is real! Kids will forever have dirty little fingers!
Thank you again, enjoy your day today and everyday. Angelina Hope



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