Cupcake Caterpillar!

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Who doesn’t love a cupcake caterpillar? My mom sent me a beautiful picture of a cupcake caterpillar. You probably seen it on Facebook or pinterest. Well I have to tell you…. the kiddies and I tried it and we totally NAILED IT! 😀

My mom is a professional cake decorator and baker… I hope I don’t embarrass her with our tasty creation!

Regardless of how our caterpillar looks, we had a wonderful time making them and the loving siblings in the background in the following pic is priceless.

Cupcake Caterpillar!

Cupcake Caterpillar!  Totally NAILED IT!  lol

march_kids (1 of 1)-2

Hip Hip Hoorray!

march_kids (1 of 1)-3

Best ever Cupcake Caterpillar! The kiddies give it a thumbs up!

march_kids (1 of 1)

Mariella gives us her best caterpillar crazy eyes! lol <3

Have you ever made a Cupcake Caterpillar? Link to it in the comments!
Enjoy your day today and everyday!



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