Breakfast at Jim’s

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It is very rare that we enjoy a delicious hot breakfast at a sit down restaurant!  To be honest, I don’t think we ever went out with the kids for breakfast… unless you count munching a doughnut from HEB while grocery shopping!

We went to Jim’s restaurant and we all had a delicious time!  🙂  I really enjoy breakfast out, it is a shame we don’t do it more often.

Any who, here is our weekend family photos!

Say Cheese! Resting my camera on a napkin holder was no easy task!  lol

Say Cheese!
Resting my camera on a napkin holder was no easy task! I don’t know where Mariella gets her darling smile from.

lol well, we are trying here..  :)

Say Cheese Again! lol well, we are trying here.. 🙂

ahhhhh well, this is our life.   It's a really good life too.

ahhhhh well, this is our life. It’s a really good life too.

During our breakfast, we talked about our plans for the day and made a list. Julianna said the first thing we needed to do was find her some pink glitter shoes. And she was right, she really does need some glitter shoes! On our list was to drop off a car full of donations to our favorite resale shop, Rose Cottage Children’s Resale, and I told Julianna she may luck out and find some princess shoes at the resale shop!  AND SHE DID!  I’ll have to take a picture.  It was everything thing she ever wanted.  She fell in love in a second and I was so happy they fit her! 🙂  How lucky are we?  The first thing on the list was to find pink glitter shoes!  check! 🙂
We added more to the list:
-buy candy from Target
-look at toys at the toy store
-buy exterior paint to repair our front door
-find mom a new calander
-get treats for the yard cat

We had a great day! When we finally got home, we stayed in the parked car in the driveway for about 30 minutes.  The kids were playing in the front seat with us and we were showing them how to operate the radio.  They were flipping through  Weird Al Yankovicsongs!    It was fun, quiet, there was no running, no mama ma MOM maaaaaa, lol it was just us hanging out in the car.  lol and we would have stayed longer, but we saw our neighbor and she had her little doggie with her and the kids immediatly wanted to go say hello.

Thanks for visiting! I hope you make a few minutes to grab a family photo too!
Enjoy your day today and everyday!
Angelina Hope





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