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Hello world. I’m Angelina Hope Matthews, many people call me Angel. I am a Happy Mother, Loyal Wife, Optimistic Photographer, Devoted Entrepreneur, Creative Decorative Painter, Determined Small Business Owner, and a Very Terrible Cook. 🙂 I am a Stay/Work at home Mom to my three children. I am fortunate to be able to spend a lot of time on things that I love. Like taking pictures, helping people eliminate monthly bills and home schooling my children. I am a coupon girl and love to save money!




Do you have monthly bills? Of course you do! 🙂 Could you, or anyone you know benefit from reducing the amount of a monthly bill? Or even eliminate a monthly bill or two? Imagine eliminating your monthly cellphone bill, or water bill, even your mortgage… I am not selling anything, don’t you worry about that. I don’t want your money, I want your attention! I want to share you with you the ultimate pay it forward that pays you back. Something that can positively impact your life and the lives of the people you like live and trust.

Mariella is my first born baby girl. 🙂 She is 4 years old and loves Cinderella, dancing and eating snacks! My husband and I waited 15 years of marriage before we were ready to start a family. In 2009 we were blessed with a perfect wee baby. My beauty, my heart, meet Wee Baby aka Mariella Lee


Joshua was twin A, he was born on April fools day! Let me tell you, no one believed I was in labor on that April Fools Day in 2011! Joshua loves monster trucks right now! He loves to snuggle and has a sensitive caring side that melts your heart. Joshua is also a big fan of “dem bones” which is skeletons! 😀 He is the most outgoing of the bunch when we are at social gatherings or with other children. My prince, my hero, meet Joshua Paul…


Julianna is twin B and she is the baby of the family. Joshua was born 1 minute before her! 🙂 She is an April Fools baby and getting my family to believe I was in labor 5 weeks early on April Fools day was quite the task! Julinna loves to dress up and pretend she is Sleeping Beauty. She adores dogs and has a motherly tenderness about her. She takes care of her big brother quite often. She is the bravest of them all yet she is shy around other children. My baby, my princess, meet Julianna Hope…