A little birdie told me…

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Yeeeeeeee Doggie! Hold your horses!  A little birdie told me how you can get FREE mobile service! Meow, let me ask you something. Why buy the cow, when you can get the mobile service for FREE?  Ok, enough animal talk! 🙂

I know, that you know 6 people that would greatly appreciate the opportunity to save money  and/or get their mobile service fore free every month.  Every single month!

Many people pay more for their monthly mobile service than they contribute to their savings account.  Isn’t it time you consider Solavei?  😀  Connect with me!

I spent the evening last night coloring with my 3 children.   I found this darling page with the birdies on it an though, WOW, just 6 little birdies will allow another bird to save over $1,000 a year. (if you are paying about 100 bucks for your mobile service right now)

In this case, the bird is YOU and the little birdies are a handful of your connections that may want to save money too.  I am sure you have lots of connections!  Maybe even 3 kids or two lovers?  😉 The point is.,. you know people that would appreciate the opportunity to get free service.  Most people don’t know that FREE mobile serves is an option!  They don’t know this opportunity even exist!  You can help!


Thank you for stopping by today.  Imagine for a moment, putting money in your savings every month instead of paying your cell phone bill.  Next year, you are going to have $1000 saved up!  (if your mobile bill is around a hundred bucks right now)

Enjoy your day today and everyday!
Angelina Hope



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